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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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end. >> live report on the deal and getting trains running again.
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tomorrow is going to be a lot better than it was the last few days. we first reported on air and on twitter bart and union announce the end of the work stoppage just in the last hour. limited service will resume at 4 a.m. finally. good evening. >> let's get writ to john live in oakland where the news came in with the very latest for us. john? >>reporter: busy tonight for birth workers as you mention first off the big news thousands of commuters waiting for. bart service will resume at 4 a.m. tomorrow but you may see less cars and trains at first as things get going. big announcement came just after
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10:00 p.m. tonight following almost 12 hours of negotiations today. yawn members bart officials and politicians gather outside mtc headquarters in oakland. we are expecting announcement earlier but apparently union leaders had asked for some contract language earlier bart was offering 12 percent raise over 4 years however tonight neither side is saying exactly what is in the tentative deal which ends this 4 day walk out. >> team is recommending the contract to the members so that carries a lot of weight to the members. they respect the negotiators and the union so i believe it will pass but we have to explain it to the members. >> simply say that this offer is more than we wanted to the pay but it is also a new path in terms of our partnership with our workers and help to us deliver the bart service for the future. >> a lot of people lives have been impacted by what has happened so on behalf of all of us in this region we are grateful we are here but mark
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my word, if there's any lesson learned it's that this can never happen again. >> we are confident we'll have trains rolling out at 4 a.m. as usually do. now may not be the same capacity as perhaps not 10 car train if used to that or maybe train missing in between those trains every 5 minutes on the pittsburgh line where they run closer together because it's a busier line but we feel confident we have regular train service starting at 4 a.m. >> the and bart is expecting to be at full strength for the afternoon commute. again busy night at bart station. workers do things like getting money and inspecting el have itors. one yawn person says he believes the accident over the weekend which killed the 2 workers did have a&m an impact on guest the talk restarted. as a matter of fact that one section of track near pleasant hill is back open for the morning commute however union officials say they still have safety concerns and safety issues that they want addressed in the future but the bottom
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line part back in business beginning at 4 a.m. tomorrow. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> certainly welcome news john thank you. although the strike is over it took the toll on the evening commute. during the our news this afternoon we gave enthusiastic live look with cell technology how bad the drive was coming out of san francisco. some commuters took hours to reach the bay bridge from city streets. this is what it lacked like just before 4:00 o'clock this afternoon on battery street and here is the view just before 7 tonight. took our producer nearly 3 hours to reach battery and market which is less than a mile from our station. traffic on city streets east of -- eased up considerably after 7. >> for road weary commuters this news could in the come soon enough w.bart back so too the sanity. allen is live at the transbay terminal in san francisco tonight. commuters the caught in the middle of all this. >> yes. the strike may over
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but it came with a praise. the bay area commuters are the ones who paid after hearing that news tonight many of the commuters we spoke to appeared to be just too tired to rejoice. >> long journey. every day. if every day. i'm happy about it. but i'm still not reassured this won't happen again. >>reporter: the commute home has been a game of hurry up and wait. at the transbay terminal in downtown san francisco the lines begin on bus across the bridge were 3 to 4 times longer than last friday. >> i was the raiding the bus on friday as well and both trips i saw people getting pretty upset pretty belligerent. >>reporter: ac transit says 3 passenger involved fights while people waited here in line. one of them between a man and woman. >> we wish pd were here but they are busy i guess. our security took care of it. >>reporter: the commuters trying to avoid the bus raid. tried to catch the casual car pool but quickly realized there
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are fewer rides in the evening. >> yes i have been waiting here for about 20 minutes. less incentive for folk to pick people up on the way back. >>reporter: even the normally laid back ferry ride had people rushing to get on. she says the morning commute taught her a lesson. >> it was really crowded. left a lot of people behind. >>reporter: but those who chose to drive own car may have paid the biggest price. kathleen and her husband inch their way to half mile of the bay bridge. >> took us almost 5 hours from ucsf to here. >>reporter: no matter which mode of transportation you chose there was no easy way out of the city. in san francisco, allen wong abc 7 news. >> 5 hours. keep it tuned to 7 news. all development on the end of the bart strike. trains running again at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. also down load our free abc 7 news app and allow push alert to get any breaking news alert. >> we have assembled several resource for you at 7
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to help you plan for tomorrow's commute because bart service will still be limited in the morning. there are alternate transit options and real time traffic map available for you. you can down load the exclusive abc 7 news wave traffic app as well to navigate the roadway and be sure to follow us on twitter at 7 news bay area for breaking news update. >> join us early tomorrow morning for the latest on the commute. some trains will be up and running we said at 4 a.m. and so morning news team will be on the air at that time beginning at 4 a.m. with look at how the morning commute is shaping up. >> late today. ntsb condition firmed bart employee operating the train that killed 2 workers over the weekend was a trainee. lillian has the latest on the federal investigation from the pleasant hill bart station. >> ntsb won't say whether bart employee at the control is a manager and whether he was learning to operate the taken in the event of prolong strike. only concerned he was in fact training when he hit a bart employee and contractor
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inspecting the tracks. 58-year-old christopher shepherd of hayward and 66-year-old larry daniels of oakland. according to the ntsb the operator trainee was aware that workers were on the track tracks. >> there is a system in place on bart to where they will announce over the system where people are out on the right-of-way and we just begun to gather that data what the announcement was. >> 5 other people were on the out of service train including trainer another trainee and 3 workers on maintenance duties. ntsb also says the train was on automatic mode going about 60 to 70 miles per hour. and that horn was sounded and emergency brake were applied. >> ntsb will also meet to plan coordinate and develop protocol for sight distance and brake testing. akin to the reenactment. >> they give another update tomorrow before then they plan to conduct additional interview with bart management. this is
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abc 7 news in walnut creek. >> one of the victims larry daniels also had a home near sacramento and tonight his neighbors spoke about him. >> the i couldn't believe it. it just doesn't seem possible. larry was so analytical. so careful. >> one second okay doing what he really loved to do being around trains and working on trains and such and then the next second he's gone. >> larry daniels worked as contractor for bart. his work took him to railroad all around the world. >> now on to another possible transit strike. state investigators must new decide if need for cooling off period in ac transit labor dispute. today riders testified at an investigative hearing how strike would hurt them. ac transit requested the 60 day cooling off period when strike was called last week. investigators must give governor brown recommendation by wednesday. >> community members in east san jose tonight had a say on
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ways to deal with gang related crime. people gather at the high school then broke into discussion group. city is spending more than 4 and half million dollars this year on gang prevention. participant talk about efforts they would support prevent gang university violence. some high school need to change the way they educate their stichbilitys our system has been around for 100 years and education traditionally is slow to chang change. and so we have to create as many different path way for kids to be successful so that when they leaf our system that they are college and career ready. >> the city gang prevention task force will take the input from tonight and work it into a new 2 year plan. >> so new details tonight. family of a berkeley homeowner killed by a mentally disturbed man had several wrongful death lawsuit against the city. 67-year-old peter sutro beaten to death in february of 2012. he had called police to report a man on his property. the lawsuit claimed the police dispatcher falsely programsed an officer would respond to his
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call even though that night police were responding only to emergency calls. family agreed to resolve the lawsuit after the police department agreed from now on tell people calling for help that officers might be delayed. family did not seek money in the suit. >> pleasanton police hope you can help catch a bank robber tonight. surveil's camera video that capture the images of the robber. pulled out a gun and demanded cash at the bank on main street at 9:15 this morning again in pleasanton. witnesses say he tried to disguise the voice with what they described as quote bad french accent. man appeared to escape by walking away from the bank. >> coming up. update for you on our breaking news. end of the bart strike. just an hour ago bart and the union announce the labor action is over and right now workers getting the system ready to good for tomorrow. >> also new details on that nevada school shooting. conditions of the 2 young victims and why the math teacher whether was shot and killed is being called a hero.
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>> promising news for millions of people losing their hair. new research that could lead to a cure for baldness. >> about we head into another morning with fog as you see here. market street is in the fog. wake up weather and lack at the work week forecast when pass.
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>> breaking news. bart and union reached a tentative agreement that much anticipated deal announced just about an hour ago. >> some trains therefore will be running with limited capacity by 4 a.m. and service will ramp up by the afternoon fully in place by the evening commute. union still vote on the deal but for now the bart strike is over. >> although the strike has ended certainly caused a lot of people to take to social media using the hash tag dear bart. collin tweeted dear bart i feel in like i'm in a long line for an apple event. i'm not. he also post add picture of the bus line he sat in this afternoon. twitter users selena posted about her commute tonight. 2 hours from sf castro valley third and so unnecessary. still want to hear your thoughts now that the striking is over just post our video on line on twitter or instagram and use hash tag dear
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bart. also send video to our facebook page. >> 2, 12-year-old in nevada are expected to recover from gunshot wounds after middle school student opened fire on school playground killing a teacher. seventh grade student then turned semi-automatic pistol he took from his airports on himself. students began running when they realized the pop they heard were actually gunshots. 45-year-old math teacher makeal lance bury was shot while shielding seventh and eighth graders. >> he and some friends went to him and were like come on we have to get him to safety. picked him up carried him a little bit 0and we left him because our vice principal said go go go get to safety get to we left the teacher there and we went to safety. >>reporter: students say that young shooter had been bullied. he took the handgun from his parents. according to federal officials. >> facebook users can now post and video of people being
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beheaded. facebook is allowing the video posted so that members can condemn them. this follows listing of temporary ban on posts decapitation. menlo park base facebook allow 13 and older to become a member. >> there is hope for men and women everywhere as scientist say they are closer to a new treatment for baldness. researchers at the center for human genetic at columbia university developed technique to create hair follicle in the lab. cell they hope will eventually regrow hair on the scalp. klee is clumpping the cells together in a 3d the instead of 2 dimension lab dis dish. they retain how to figure out how to grow. procedure worked on 5 out of 7 test sample. treatment could be useful for burn victims. research is still in the early stages but promising. >> well does your baby stroller need a tune up. first of the kind shop open in the bay area to service that stroller.
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called the stroller spa open in san francisco. special i'ds in fixing up broken down strollers located in presidio heights neighborhood. jamie started the busy in 2006 out of her home and licensed the idea to mother across north america. new shop is the brand first brick and mortar store in case you are wondering. flat tire fix is about 15 dlaivrments that will do pretty good businessism yes? let's talk about the weather forecast just ahead. >> sandhya has that for us. >> i don't know if you both remember the fog this morning but it was thick in spots. we head into another morning with gray sky especially along the coast and as you look at our live doppler 7hd it's tlabin tlabinging the fog to over 2 miles in half moon bay. very quickly hurricane raymond it's off the coast of mexico here. just west south west of acapulco. it is still a powerful category 3 packing
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winds of 120 miles an hour. gust to 150 miles an hour. it's really just kind of haphazard and the movement as you check out the forecast animation expect it to actually move west ward slowly and weaken to category 2 by wednesday evening. it is a slow move so a lot of rain expected with this already. dumping heavy rain over south central mexico and we expect anywhere from 4 to 8 inches there so if you are planning to travel there, could be some flight cancellation or delay and of course if you have loved ones there may be dealing with flash flooding or mud slides in the area. good thing is this is expected to veer away from land over the next couple of days. from our tower cam are check out the fog. it is just hanging around over downtown san francisco. 50 degrees right now oakland up 50. 55 in san jose. 48 degrees in half moon bay and foggy there. from our exploring camera how shallow the fog layer look toward the financial district.
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tomorrow morning it is right down on the deck in some spots to watch out. 48 degrees right now in santa rosa getting chilly. currently 54 in concord and 60 degrees in livermore. golden gate bridge camera hard to see the bridge because of the fog. fog in the morning. dense in spots. a little milder the next few day and it's turning cooler thursday and friday. not a great beach day today. we had temperatures in the low mid 50's but a little warmer tomorrow. might be tempted to head to the coast. watch out. north west swell has arrived along the coast so we are lacking at strong rip current. possibility of dangerous sneaker wave and really continues through tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning bundle up. it is going to be on the cool to chilly side temperatures starting out in low 40's to low 50's and because of this informing you may actually moving a little slower because of the poor visibility so give yourself plenty of time to get to class or get the kids off to school or yourself off to work.
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temperatures tomorrow afternoon higher than today. low mid 80's inland. 80 in concord. 84 degrees in livermore. 76 in fremont. san jose sunny 77 degrees oakland 71 up that the north bay we go. 77 in santa rosa. 76 nap a.64 in san francisco. still lingering fog 59 degrees in half machine bay. lack at the accu-weather 7 day forecast mild weather. away from the coast then we cool it off by the end of the work week temperatures falling below average upper 70's friday saturday inland upper 50's coast side a little more cloud cover. still no rain but our live doppler always tracking changes. >> rain is coming. >> ra[ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted.
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>> chicago blackhawk started last season and then went on to win the stanley cup. 9 games the shark now 8, o and 1 this season i'm plant ago seed. the shark in detroit tonight. stopping 24 shots all 24 shots quick one timer and morgan the loan goal in the game in the shot out and best for last. the save. hurdle best goal and best save here. first time they have won nothing. coming off. of yesterday early win in tennessee the frienders ready to keep the good times rolling when they play vac onville. the team landing early this morning in heathrow where fans were waiting. today the team with a when in rome attitude
11:26 pm
co-hosting community event with premiere club and john explains the reason for the monday arrival. >> we think coming over right after the game and getting acclimated to the time change is the best way to do it. and the coach felt the same way so we feel like this is the best way to do it. >> steelers play london earlier in the season. raiders welcome pittsburgh in the coliseum this sunday. both teams and pittsburgh win streak due to the defense. >> do great job at protection give our guys some opportunities to throw the football. and then we have to do a good job to execute in the in the pasting game. they play good brand of football. they play a tough physical brand of football all 3 phases. we have to be able to match that. >> monday night football manipulate society peterson going nowhere. 13 carries. 28 yards. giants attack the box told minisooet society you have
11:27 pm
to beat us by throwing it. michael i approve. vikings scored once in the game. here it is. first quarter punt return. not very good but coverage by the giants. punter weather ford poor guy. pretty good speed. track him down but 86 yards for the touch down. manning no turn over. that's victory in itself for him. reuben hall in a 24 yard touch down catch. third quarter day because for the vike little here forcing a ball into coverage and lack at the 1 handed interception. with left hand. pl giants no longer wi winless with ugly 23-7 win. brought to you by river rock casino, this sports. >> that was a cool pick. >> coming up. bart strike is over. >> limited service at 4 a.m. which you can expect
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at
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sfv situation. in the morning give yourself time for the commute. we expect fog dense along the coast and bay and it's a little on the chilly side. need a jacket or sweate sweater. temperature 40's and 50's and make here at 4 to 7:00 a.m. tracking the fog. >> very good thank you. >> as we have been telling you throughout the newscast the bart strike has ended. trains will begin running again in the morning. >> much to the relief of commuters union bart manager announce late tonight they didn't reveal any specific. >> the union told us they could run on this friday and the vote by the weekend. >> trains with limited capacity start running at 4 a.m. tomorrow and more service will be added throughout the day. reporting continues now on twitter at our web site. >> join us early tomorrow morning for the latest on the commute our morning news team will be here beginning at 4 with look at how people manage to get across the bay. >> stay tawn for. that that's our report for now thanks for being here.
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>> have a great night everyone. >> have a great night everyone.
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>> dickey: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- james franco and music from snoop dogg, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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